Egginton Parish Council

The Parish  Council consists of seven elected members and meets on the third Monday of the  odd-numbered months of the year. The Parish Council meetings, which are open  to members of the public, are held in the Memorial Hall, Egginton. All are  welcome to attend.  

Dates of Meetings for 2019/20

18th November 2019


20th January 2020


16th March 2020


18th May 2020


20th July 2020


21st September 2020


16th November 2020


Your  Parish Councillors are:


District  Councillors

Miles Nesbitt (Chair)

01283 732283


David Muller

01283 734553

Sir Henry Every Bt

01283 733824


Lisa Brown

01283  734242

Nikki Lawton  (Vice Chair)

07703 312365




Mrs Tanina Rushton

07854 021200




Faye Russell

07933 086551


County Councillor

Mrs Pat Riley

01283  733484


Martyn Ford

01283 701627

The clerk to the Parish Council is Peter Woolrich

Whilst the Parish Council meets every two months, Parish Councillors are continually working on matters (outside of meetings) for the benefit of the Parish and welcome any comments you may have. 

Parish Councillors may be contacted on a variety of matters concerning the Parish such as planning applications, condition of roads, untidy sites, community schemes, flooding matters, street lighting and transport. 

The funds available to the Parish Council are raised through the precept, which is collected by the District Council in the Community Tax.  For the financial year 2018/2019, the Parish Council precept was fixed at 11,215.

The Parish Council is also consulted on a variety of issues by South Derbyshire District Council, Derbyshire County Council and the Government.  These include the Local Development Framework, cycle routes, the development of Air Transport at EMA, the renovation works at Monks Bridge, Toyota Liaison Committee, Derby Airfield, the list is virtually endless.

The Parish Council has adopted the Model Publication Scheme under the Freedom of Information Act 2008 which lists information held by the Council and how it can be obtained. 

To view Planning Applications go to  just type in "Egginton" in the Location Keyword and click "Search" to see a listing of all applications, plans and decisions for the past six months

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