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A major Planning Application has been received regarding the erection of a large scale industrial/commercial estate in Willington, between the railway line and the Toyota roundabout. Willington it may be but it has the prospect of adversely affecting all our lives.

Principally through increased traffic in Willington and Repton and the prospect of adding to Willington’s flooding problems, which then often back-up in to Egginton.  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PLANNING APPLICATION CAN BE found here

Access SDDC's planning page here  In ‘Location Keyword’, enter ‘Willington’ to find the application. 

This application is on the site of the former TNT application site, known as Burnaston Cross, which was refused permission 9 years ago and subsequently lost on Appeal.  The new ‘Axis 50’ proposal is little different from its predecessor but without the, then proposed, rail link.

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Comments to be received by South Derbyshire Planning not later than 14 October 2019.

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Updated : 14 January 2020