The Horticultural Association is made up of a group of friends with a common interest in gardening and growing produce for the table. 

The Association, which is very active and in a healthy state, holds a number of principal events each year:

    • An annual Plant Sale is held in May to raise funds for the numerous projects run by the Horticultural Association throughout the year.
    • A village Hanging Basket Competition which awards prizes for the best displays in the village.
    • The Harvest Supper, which is held in October in the Willow Hall of the Egginton Memorial Hall, provides an opportunity for the whole village to get together and enjoy an evening of friendship, good food and wine.  There is no additional entertainment but there is an excellent 4 course meal!

There are currently 30 allotments and 5 junior allotments off Blacksmiths Lane, all of which are administered by the Association and let for 20 per plot (10 per half plot) per year. Junior allotments, which are cleared and fenced, are free.  Membership of the Association is 1 per year.

Bookings are currently at a very high level and there is an imminent prospect of a waiting list for people wishing to rent plots. The national interest in “growing-your-own” vegetables has encouraged an increasing number of people to apply for allotments in Egginton.

Various projects have been undertaken by the Association recently with others in the pipeline. 

  • The introduction of junior allotments has been a great success and it is very gratifying to see such interest being taken by our youngsters.
  • A communal area with a picnic table and herb boxes has been completed.

New members are always welcome!

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Updated : 30 September 2019