Egginton  Airfield is a pleasant grass landing ground with three runways, hangars and  clubhouse, mile outside Egginton to the West of the village.

It is home to  Derby Aero Club and Airspeed Aviation Ltd., owned by T.Martin Jones, his wife  Margaret and sons David and Paul.

The owner of  DH88 Comet "Black Magic",  Martin is Chairman of the Comet Racer  Project group, formed to promote the rebuild to flying condition of this famous  racing aeroplane. G-ACSP once belonged to Amy Johnson, the world-famous  aviatrix, and her record-breaking husband Jim Mollison.

Martin is  especially keen to interest children in our aviation heritage, and school  parties are particularly welcome. A large building on the site was opened on  1st March 2003 as a Visitor Centre for the Comet “Black Magic”, and houses  various related including the aircraft itself during rebuild period.

For information on progress and the dates of Open Days, visit the web-site at:

Fully-qualified  aero-engineers, Martin and his sons have facilities for repair and maintenance  of aircraft and engines in addition to the flying instruction and club flying  which takes place at Egginton.

They hold  "Fly-ins" and other Club social occasions, and considering how busy they are,  they are surprisingly welcoming to the casual visitor, several of whom finish up  "hooked" on flying.

A prior  appointment is however advisable to ensure maximum attention, as their  activities take them all over the ‘drome as well as up in test flights.

Here are some photos of  Egginton from the air taken on a flight from Egginton airfield.





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