My Confidence in God

 A  meditation on Psalm 139

Father, you know me better than I  could ever know myself.
You know, in all truth, what I have been, what I am and what I will become.
You know me when I am loving and when I am selfish.
You know when I succeed and when I fail.
You know everything about me.
And yet, father, you love me more than I will ever know.
You don’t hold it against me that I fail or am discouraged.
You also try to show me that I should not hold it against myself,
   because, by doing so, I will fail to love more.
You are forgiving and loving.
It is beyond my understanding.
I read your word and am inspired,
   but then immediately feel its poverty in my own life.

But, Father, if I do try to  escape you, really where can I go?
Deep down I never want to escape you,but sometimes I try.
Help me to realise that at these times you will support me,
   you will send me the light needed,
   you will send your consolation through another;
   you will send your strength and courage.
God my Father, you know my thoughts.
Guide me to you.
You know what I desire even though I do not always move towards my goal.

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Updated : 30 September 2019